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Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated

A simple life concept, one all of you have heard a dozen times or more, so why don't we apply it in this day in age?

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Double Standards

"Treat others the way you want to be treated." The SIMLPLEST concept in life. Something I was taught before I could even walk. Yet, somehow, people have made it to their twenties without understanding this concept. It's mind blowing. Millennials think they can get away with anything. The second they get called out on their BS, they run for the hills, they blame something or someone else.

And millennials reading this are probably going to get offended I put millennials in one category. Goodness people, get a grip. I am not indicating every single person born from 1980-2000 is this way, so let's calm down.

But anyway, gosh. Heaven forbid you ever own up to your mistakes. What ever happened to self-respect? We wonder what's wrong with this generation. This is the root of all of it right here. It is entirely based around the fact that people completely disregard the simplest life lesson of all. It's disgusting.

The dating issue in our generation? Think about it. The problem lies in guys being too fearful of commitment and girls being too proud or "independent woman who don't need no man" to make a move. If you're that self-confident girls, grow some balls and ask the guy out, for heaven's sake. Its 2016. The truth is, yes, of course you deserve a prince, who treats you like a princess. But how do you expect to get one with the attitude that they will come to you? We want to look passed all that "women belong at home in the kitchen tending to the children and laundry," but still refuse to make a move. Give me a break. You can't be too stubborn to ask a guy out but still expect people to look at you like you can be successful and independent on your own. You just look stupid.

And guys, what's up with this new theory that all girls you say two words to are suddenly "obsessed with you." It's hilariously pathetic, and unattractive. You don't get to think every girl you're LUCKY enough to encounter wants to have your children in that moment. I've read and heard a considerable amount "loyal girls don't exist." JEESH. Get over yourselves. Loyal girls don't exist because y'all are too scared to even take a girl on a date. What do you expect? Not to mention, you know you're digging this girl. Cut the pride crap and admit to some feelings for once in your life. I promise you your "man card" is not going anywhere, not until your commitmentphobeness shows that is.

So, both men and women want to treat the opposite (or same, whichever you prefer) sex this way, but expect to be treated with respect in return? That's not practical. I can understand all these bullcrap games in high school. Not knowing whether or not they like you, knowing they like you but is it enough to want to be with you? I can honestly say, at age 22, dating guys now has become more challenging than ever. Who has time for that?

College is the most stressful, the busiest, and most certainly the last time or place I want to be dealing with games. Honestly, it goes both ways. Boys, swallow your damn pride, grow a pair. Girls, the whole "boys will come to me" is so 20th century. Get over yourselves. And ghosting?! Ghosting has become so common we actually had to come up with a name for it. Really, people? I've said it once and I'll said it again, grow a pair.

"Treat others the way you want to be treated." It. Is. So. Damn. Simple. And truthfully, the real key to a successful life, in all aspects. Rant over.

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