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Juns Who Play Bball Quiz

Find out which Jun you are!

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  1. 1. What are you most likely doing during a game?

    Running like your on a mission
    Kicking the ball
    Dribbling with your left hand only
    Saying you're about to throw up
  2. 2. Love life?

    Bergan boys.
    Difficult and complicated
    Low key bag
  3. 3. Juul?

    Uses everyone else's
    Drops it in the toilet
    Gets sick from it
    Never enough carts
  4. 4. What are you most likely doing at a party?

    On the floor
    Blacked out
    So much dancing
  5. 5. When is your relationship with alcohol?

    Best friend
    Long lost friend
  6. 6. What do you do when lit?

    Laugh and eat
    Tells everyone to call 911
    Can't bc bloodwork
    Chill af
    Just cant be no matter how hard u try
  7. 7. Food of choice?

    Gluten and tree nut free
    Gluten and tree nut free
    Pepperoni pizza
    Pepperoni pizza
  8. 8. What are you most likely doing during school?

    Giving everyone your famous rbf
    Being harrassed your ex
    Fighting with teachers
    Being hated for no reason by ur English teacher
  9. 9. What's your relationship with your parents?

    Always fighting and never allowed to go out
    Can never drive you anywhere
    They piss you off so you just avoid them
    Always disappointed in you
    Average Montville jews
  10. 10. Style?

    Sweatshirt and yoga pants
    Skirts and crop tops
    Big "comfy" sweaters
    Leggings and camp merch
    leggings with a tshirt and rolled over uggs

Juns Who Play Bball Quiz

You got: Amanda!

Your best friend is the floor, as well as the toilet. When your actually allowed to go out, your getting with Bergen boys who are shorter than you. Always the tallest and most awkward one in the room. Takes more L's than you should on a daily basis. Constantly holding your arms up because you are jesus. Always hoping he grabs the good boob. #ballislife

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You got: Maddie!

Always crying, unless drunk (which is often). Your best friend is alcohol and you never fail to show it, even when alone. Loves to get caught up in difficult relationship, but its okay because you love boys. You have multiple instagram accounts because you love the attention. Never not stressed, except when high, over mostly school work. People better hide their man, hide their juul because your coming in hot like your on a mission. You can be found at church every Sunday morning, cleansing sins from the previous nights. #ballislife

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You got: Lila!

You have the most problems not only in the group, but in the world. Can't drink or smoke because you get blood work taken so often. You love being jewish and going to camp/camp parties to get with other jews. But be careful because you may or may not break into hives. Your always stressing and talking way too fast. You love NYC bc its basically your second home. #ballislife

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You got: Bridget!

Your finally single and no longer crying everyday. Your only reason to cry now is getting a little too high and telling everyone to call 911 before puking. Finally rebounding and getting lost in the woods while your friends go on search parties trying to find you. Known as the "comic relief" of the team. Uses the word rude to describe everyone way too often, which is very ironic..... #ballislife

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You got: Jordan!

You probably think you're the DUFF of the group. Lowkey a freak but no one except the guys on your snapchat best friends list know. Not afraid to call someone out on their bullshit publicly. You love getting litty with your friends and are aways up for a good time. Will travel to different towns to get fucked up. You intimidate people with your raging resting bitch face and most people think you don't like them. Will kill for doritos, or food in general. #ballislife

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