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    26 Inexpensive Throw Pillows That'll Save Your Sofa From Being Basic

    Just one pillow can fix your yawns-ville sofa or combine a few for even more fun!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. An emoji pillow or 20 because there is no way you'll be able to pick a favorite.

    2. A banana or watermelon pillow that may make you want to get off the sofa and head into the kitchen.

    3. A Mongolian faux-fur pillow cover you'll want to cuddle with 24/7.

    4. A velvet jewel-tone pillow to make your sofa look lush and expensive.

    5. A googly eye pillow for an ogle-worthy sofa.

    6. A mermaid pillow cover that you can change with a swipe of your hand! Look at this pillow, isn't it neat?

    7. A zodiac pillow because only people with compatible signs may sit on your sofa.

    8. A letter pillow so you can spell out your favorite acronym OMG STFU that'll be so cool LOL!

    9. A dapper animal pillow cover. Here's to hoping some of their sophistication rubs off on you.

    10. A Frida Kahlo–inspired pillow that'll turn your sofa into an art gallery.

    11. A "Netflix and Chill pillow" to make your intentions very clear so you never have to deal with the awkward "what are we?" conversation.

    12. A Mexican-inspired serape pillow for a sofa fiesta! Guac will be extra, is that okay?

    13. A wise penny pillow to offer you some sound financial advice. Good lookin' out, Abe!

    14. A comic book pillow — it'll be just the pop (art) your boring sofa needs.

    15. A shibori pillow with a DIY feel because you know if you actually tried to DIY this it would be an epic fail.

    16. An X or O pillow to throw on your sofa when you're feeling lovey dovey.

    17. A pillow with a subtle skull motif for people who have a hidden dark side.

    18. A pillow that'll add color, texture, and pattern. You can kill three birds with one pillow!

    19. A custom pet pillow so you can hang out on the sofa with your dog and a pillow of your dog.

    20. A lumbar pillow with contrasting pom-pom trim to help you establish a color palette.

    21. A bright fringe pillow for a totally '60s vibe.

    22. A pillow that defines "snuggle" just in case you weren't sure.

    23. A house patch pillow cover so you can feel like you're at Hogwarts sitting in the Gryffindor common room! Or Slytherin... whatever you're into.

    24. A round pillow because adding different shapes will make your pillow combination more interesting.

    25. A funky lumbar pillow to achieve the boho-chic living room of your dreams.

    26. A winky face pillow for when you hope your sofa can keep a secret.

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