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    30 Impossibly Gorgeous Pastel Things You'll Want To Add To Your Wardrobe

    Can you pas-tell how much I love pastels?!

    1. A puff sleeve dress that'll have you ready for tea with the queen of England.

    2. An embroidered crossbody bag to make your heart flutter with joy!

    3. An overall dress that'll look so cute with a basic white T-shirt underneath.

    4. A colorblock t-shirt to put all your plain white tees to shame.

    5. A striped one-piece perfect for a day of sun and surf!

    6. A pair of pastel Pumas so you can be decked out head to toe in pastels.

    7. A pair of wide leg pants and a long blazer that definitely won't li-lack sophistication and style!

    8. A lace-inset midi dress, because sometimes you need to be your own sunshine on a cloudy day.

    9. A striped off-shoulder-top you won't believe costs less than $15!

    10. A Mara Hoffman jumpsuit people will stop and stare at, thinking you're a walking piece of art!

    11. A pair of heeled sandals that'll be the perfect shoes to wear to a summer wedding.

    12. A French linen men's button up you'll want to buy in each and every pastel hue.

    13. A flounced skirt that may make you want to shake your hips.

    14. A pastel tote everyone is going to ask where you got, so they can get one for themselves!

    15. A pleated dress everyone will pleat with you to borrow.

    16. A pinstriped blazer for when you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

    17. A pair of tassel earrings so amazing they may become the star of any outfit you wear them with.

    18. A gingham off-the-shoulder shirt that'll totally scream, "I love summer!"

    19. A pair of suede heels to easily take an outfit from basic to breathtaking!

    20. A maxi dress with a pretty bow that'll leave everyone tongue tied.

    21. A lilac jean jacket and matching shorts, because why wear denim when you could wear lilac denim?

    22. A plaid off-the-shoulder dress perfect for a picnic in the park.

    23. A ruffle sleeve blouse sure to get you lots of compliments.

    24. A pair of espadrille wedges that will lift you to higher levels of pastel perfection!

    25. A blue embroidered dress so subtly blue you probably shouldn't wear it to a wedding.

    26. A pair of swim trunks that could win you the Best Dressed Beachgoer award (if that were a thing)!

    27. A pair of sneakers to make everyone around you blush!

    28. A floral dress that'll take your pastel style to the max.

    29. A Kate Spade New York pajama set so you can enjoy the loveliness of wearing pastels even while you're asleep.

    30. An eyelet midi dress perfect for twirling around in (Julie Andrews in Sound of Music–style).

    Frolicking in your pastel beauties!

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