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    23 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

    Produce-saving containers, Sun Bum sunscreen, anti-chafe balm, and 20 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.

    1. An eight-inch chef's knife that can't really be described in any way other than "sharp AF."

    2. A hair dryer for giving yourself blowouts that'll put Drybar to shame.

    3. A brightly colored fanny pack to prove once and for all that fanny packs are, in fact, back in.

    4. A label maker to make all your fellows Type As super jealous.

    5. A front seat protector so your pooch can ride shotgun without leaving tons of fur on the seat.

    6. A Hamilton Beach 10-cup food processor for mixing up gauc that doesn't cost extra.

    7. A bottle of Sun Bum sunscreen that smells so delicious you may be tempted to eat it. But don't, okay?

    8. A waterproof laptop case in case you're ever tempted to frolic in the rain with your laptop.

    9. A kimono-style top that would look so stylish over a basic T-shirt and jeans.

    10. A touch-controlled LED night light for kiddies (or adults... we don't judge) who are afraid of the dark.

    11. A Silpat non-stick silicone baking mat that works almost as magically as when you make a dozen cookies *disappear* in 60 seconds flat.

    12. An anti-chafe balm, because chafing is a form of hell on earth and it must be stopped.

    13. An elevated bed frame to give you some much-needed under-bed storage.

    14. A CoverGirl moisturizing lip color for hydrating your pout while giving a beautiful color and shine.

    15. A Rubbermaid produce storage container to keep those summer berries fresher for way longer than the supermarket container!

    16. A pair of Crocs t-strap sandals that don't sacrifice style for comfort.

    17. A customizable pet ID tag so your pup can always find its way back home.

    18. A pair of meat shredding claws sure to be the star of every summer barbecue!

    19. A pumice toilet bowl ring remover for scrubbing even the nastiest toilet rings into oblivion.

    20. A toy hammock to save your kid's room from looking like an episode of Hoarders Buried Alive: Stuffed Animal Edition.

    21. A portable chair with a cooler so it's ideal for camping, beaching, and ball-gaming.

    22. A step-through gate that keeps kids and pets confined to safe areas without locking you in as well.

    23. A car escape tool with a blade designed to cut jammed seat belts and a spike designed to break open a window.

    That happy dance when your package arrives.

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