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    Here Are 13 Reasons Why Bob Newby Is The Real Hero Of "Stranger Things 2"

    Eleven who?

    ⚠️If you haven't seen Stranger Things 2 yet, turn back now! This post is full of spoilers.⚠️

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    Don't say we didn't warn you.

    Everyone talks about Eleven, Steve Harrington, or Hopper saving Hawkins, but nobody mentions the real superhero of the series: Bob Newby.

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    It's time to list the reasons why HE is the real savior and not those *others*...

    1. He created the Hawkins AV Club!

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    Mike, Dustin, Will, and Lucas's favorite place for hanging out and doing stuff that the other Hawkins students consider nerdy.

    2. He loved games of skill and dexterity.


    When Will started to draw the map detailing the latest threat to Hawkins, Joyce and Mike couldn't make any sense of it. But when it all finally came together, only Bob was up to the task of solving the puzzle.

    3. He hated scary movies, but he watched them anyways.

    @SeanAstin #justiceforbob #bobnewbysuperhero Sir what you have been making us feel since the 80's is nothing short…


    An act of valor which I salute, because scary movies are scary.

    4. He looked after Joyce like nobody else could.


    Everyone else in the town of Hawkins treated Will's mom like she was crazy, but not Bob. Bob is a good dude who sees the best in people.

    5. And let's not forget about the fan theory that Bob may have encountered Pennywise the clown as a child.


    When Bob was driving Will to school, he told the tale of how he stood up to one of his biggest fears as a kid: a menacing clown who haunting his dreams. It was all Will needed to stand up against the big Cthulhu monster. Like Bill, Beverly, and the Losers Club in Derry, Maine, Bob has been the hero since childhood.

    6. He loved Joyce's kids as if they were his own, even though they didn't completely accept him.


    He worried about them, he never judged them, he let them choose the movie to watch before bed, and above all, he wasn't ashamed of being with the mother of the Zombie Boy.

    7. He worked at RadioShack, and was on the cutting edge of technology.

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    Or at least, the cutting edge of technology from the '80s.

    8. He loved Halloween!

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    Who doesn't?! Plus, he loved to dress up.

    9. Sure, he'd listen to The Clash or Joy Division sometimes, but he could never hide his fanaticism for Kenny Rogers.

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    We should all follow Bob's example and proudly display our musical preferences, not be ashamed of them.

    10. He knew how to program!


    In 1984 too, which is extra impressive. Not many people knew how to code back then, especially not in BASIC. But you know who did know how? Exactly.

    11. And he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.


    Thanks to his computer knowledge, he was able to restore the power to the Hawkins lab and save Hopper, Will, Joyce, and Mike. But as we all know, in order to do so, he had to stay behind to deal with the Demo-Dogs.

    12. And if you need any more proof of his superhero credentials, there's the drawing Will did of him after his death.


    And if you didn't get choked up during this scene, you're heartless.

    13. He was so beloved that Dustin, Steve, Jonathan, Mad Max, Nancy, and even Billy made him a special goodbye video.


    I'm not crying, I have something in my eye.

    He was even named person of the year by Time magazine...



    Yet somehow didn't even make the poster!


    Thanks for everything, Bob.


    This post was translated from Spanish.

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