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Area Of Expertise: Crying Over “The X Factor”

When it comes to mainlining pure, uncut emotion, reality TV singing competitions are my drug of choice.

Adriana Widdoes • 10 months ago

How XXXTentacion’s Life Reflects Our Culture Of Violence

If we are going to judge the rapper for his violent behavior, we also need to consider where that violent behavior originates.

Adriana Widdoes • 11 months ago

Not All Bad Girls Go To Prison

The juvenile inmates of Girls Incarcerated force us to consider which “bad” girls are granted a chance at public redemption.

Adriana Widdoes • One year ago

Is Virtual Instagram Star Lil Miquela Magic, Or Just Marketing?

This week we learned that digital influencer @lilmiquela and the pro-Trump troll who hacked her account are creations of the same startup. But is the narrative they’ve constructed anything more than manipulation? Is it “art”?

Adriana Widdoes • One year ago

My Abortion Wasn’t Like Ben Folds Said It Would Be

Not all abortions are tragic — sometimes, like periods and the other ways we bleed, they’re just a thing that happens.

Adriana Widdoes • One year ago