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11 Amazing Facts About Your Dog That Will Blow Your Mind

FACT #1: Your dog is way awesome! If you like amazing dogs, don't miss A Dog's Way Home, in theaters everywhere January 11!

1. Your dog's nose print is unique, just like your fingerprint.

2. Your dog dreams.

3. Your dog could probably figure out a public transit system...eventually.

4. Contrary to popular belief, your dog is not completely colorblind!

5. Your pup doesn't sweat by salivating. Dogs sweat through the pads of their feet.

6. Your dog has one more eyelid than you do.

7. If you ever go to the hospital, your dog might pop in for a visit.

8. Your sense of taste is better than your dog's...

9. ...but your dog can smell MUCH better than you can.

10. In fact, your dog's nose is so strong that they can smell your emotions.

11. Your dog might travel across the entire country to find you.

Images courtesy of Getty Images

If you think Bobbie's cross-country journey is epic, wait until you see Bella's extraordinary adventure in A Dog's Way Home, in theaters everywhere January 11!

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