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We Made Movie Posters For Our Dogs And It Was Magical

Every dog deserves to be movie-famous. Click here to make a movie poster of your pup in honor of A Dog's Purpose, hitting theaters 1/27!

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We used A Dog's Purpose's nifty poster builder to make movie posters of our dogs, and now our dogs are basically famous.

1. Violet's Purpose

Courtesy of Conz Preti

"After a really bad break-up with an ex, I had no energy to leave my bed. I allowed Violet to sleep with me so I wouldn't feel so lonely. She would wake up and start licking my tears away and wouldn't stop until after I was laughing and out of bed. We got through it together, and I will love her for that (and more) forever."


2. Boonee's Purpose

Courtesy of Becca Park

"Apparently Boonee was found wandering the streets of Korea, very malnourished and frail. We flew her to Boston from Korea, where my parents picked her up and brought her home. We've since nicknamed her 'Dr. Boonee,' since she's provided us all with a lot of animal therapy and knows exactly when each of us needs some love. She's 13 years old now and as soulful and spunky as ever. Long live this rescue!"


3. Ryan's Purpose

Courtesy of Priya Minhas

"Whenever I gasp while watching something on television, Ryan comes running over to check if I'm okay and sometimes jumps up on the couch to cuddle next to me."


4. Meet Aly

Courtesy of Kyle Davis

"Any and every time I visit home, Aly greets me at the door instantaneously. She follows me around for about 10 minutes after that, too, snuggling up to me as much as possible. Then I sit down and feed her some peanut butter, and we just chill together for hours."


5. Scooter's Purpose

Courtesy of Swasti Shukla

"Scooter's a loyal little guy. One time I fell down and slammed my knee into a dresser, and I was crying like a wimp because, you know, it hurt. My dad came to try and help me, but Scooter wasn't having it and thought my dad would harm me more than he would help me. So Scoots jumped on top of me and started barking at my dad and snapping at him so he'd stay away and then proceeded to lick my knee himself. Such a good boy! <3"


6. Mudge's Purpose

Courtesy of Eric Sams

"First and foremost, Mudge is a kisser. It's his primary form of communication. And there is nothing that turns around a long, hard day faster than coming home to some Mudge kisses."


7. Bungee's Purpose

Courtesy of Camille Bergerson

"Bungee was the sweetest! Whenever we were sad or upset, he could sense it. He would come up and try to snuggle and hop on your lap any way he could (even though he was 80 lbs)."


9. Pip's Purpose

Courtesy of Claire Nolan

"In the short four months that we have had her, Pip has never ceased to provide endless joy, laughter, and entertainment with her little floppy ears. She's such a fantastic addition to our family."


11. Tico's Purpose

Courtesy of Emmy Favilla

"Tico loves every dog he meets — he was actually assigned the role of 'greeter dog' at the shelter where he was adopted from, which means he was selected to greet new pups at the shelter and help them feel comfortable! Other cute things: He loves sleeping under the covers (yes, he sleeps in bed with me) and playing with tennis balls during bath time."


13. Brady's Purpose

Courtesy of Michelle Goering

"When Brady was a puppy and our older dog, Cider, was getting sick, Brady brought her all of his tennis balls and laid them down around her on her bed. He can always tell when someone is sad, and he'll go and curl up next to them (in a spooning position) to make them feel better."


14. Bam Bam's Purpose

Courtesy of Katie Pyne

"Bam Bam’s purpose was to be the cutest, most handsome little gentleman the world ever saw. He was my best buddy and the most loyal, loving partner in crime you could ever ask for."


Make a poster of your pup and share it in the comments below! And don't miss A Dog's Purpose in theaters January 27!