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6 Thoughts Your Cat Has Definitely Had About You During Quarantine

Who gets to sit on the warm spot on the couch?!

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Over the past few months, so much has changed for everyone around the world. Even for our pets!

A cat with big eyes has a medical face mask over its nose and mouth

With people spending way more time at home now, pets have had to adjust to us being around, well, a lot. Do they like us invading all their free time, though? Here are some dynamics that have probably changed between you and your pets:

A person is leaning into their cat's space and petting behind its head

1. Did you used to typically work a 9–5 and spend most of your days in the office? During your workday, your pet took advantage of being home alone to watch their favorite shows and relax on the furniture. Now that you’re home, they’re not the biggest fan of you taking over the TV!

Scene 1: A cat watches TV on the couch of an empty room. Scene 2: A cat watches its owner sit on the couch from the ground and thinks, "You're in my spot!"

2. Still getting caught up with that long work day even at home? Well don’t forget to feed the cat! Maybe it’s time to bring back the automatic feeder.

Scene 1: A cat eats food in an empty living room. Scene 2: A cat waits by its owner and food bowl thinking, "Human, where is my food?"

3. Finally some free time! Yoga perhaps? But, not during your cat's bath time! Even pets would like some privacy.

Scene 1: A single cat is grooming itself in an empty room. Scene 2: The owner is doing yoga in the room so the cat thinks "Um, some privacy please!"

4. Having a quarantine birthday? Invite some family over and celebrate! Not sure the cat will enjoy this though, you know they love their sleep.

Scene 1: A cat sleeps in an empty room on the couch. Scene 2: Three people dance around a stereo while the cat on the couch thinks "So you didn't see me sleeping?"

5. Want to enjoy a nice day off, so you decided to sleep in? Remember when your parents would leave and you would invite friends over once they left? Surprise! Your cat does the same but they can’t while you’re still home!

Scene 1: Three cats sit in each other's company near cat toys in an empty room. Scene 2: A person sleeps on a couch while a single cat on the ground thinks, "Human, why are you still here?"

6. Let's not forget how easy it is to get bored in quarantine. At least the two of you can be bored together.

Scene 1: A cat stretches on a couch. Scene 2: A human sits on the couch and thinks, "I'm bored" and a cat on the couch says, "Welcome to my life, human."