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25 Brilliant Ways People Have Been Channeling Their Creativity In 2020

Painters, dancers, designers, oh my! Learn how you can make the most of your talents with Adobe Creative Cloud.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share how they've been channeling their creativity for good during this difficult year. Here's what this talented bunch had to show us:

1. This sustainable stitcher whose entrepreneurial dreams have become a bright and colorful reality.

2. This radiant up-and-coming designer who has mastered her way around a sewing machine.

3. An eco-conscious artist who truly believes in the proverb "One person's trash..."

4. This costume designer whose hobby of arts and crafts has been ~blooming~.

5. An illustrator who has used this time to convey a poignant message in a new medium.

6. And this budding artist who has recognized their newfound talent.

7. This painter who made the best of a bad situation by taking the time to cultivate their craft.

8. This mindful teacher who has been sparking important classroom discussions.

9. This jewelry maker who knows how to create the perfect quarantine accessory.

10. This woodworker whose talent we're totally grateful for.

11. This person who had a stroke of genius and created museum-worthy footwear.

12. This person who's putting out positive vibes to passersby.

13. This photographer who's discovered ways to make their work even more visually appealing.

14. This community of literature buffs who moonlight as skillful cross-stitchers.

15. This modern-day chandler whose charitable business idea is truly lit.

16. This multitalented mom who doesn't believe in dressing her kids in fast fashion.

17. This thoughtful person who's sending out some light in a time of darkness.

18. A crochet maker whose creations are too cute for words.

19. This person who can finally get away with drawing on the walls.

20. This theater costume designer who believes the show must go on!

21. This dancer who's bringing joy to her life and our screens.

22. This person who's tapping into their ingenuity and making us feel nostalgic as heck.

23. This designer who's demonstrating that her artistic skills are totally transferrable.

24. This crafter whose cute little sculptures are the perfect way to perk up any workspace.

25. And this incredible baker whose decorative pies not only caught the attention of the internet, but have also helped feed an entire community.

Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

Look how much good has come out of this less than great year! If you're feeling inspired to embark on your creative journey, check out Adobe Creative Cloud to learn how you can take the first step. (And students, you can save up to 60%.)