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5 Things I've Used As A Last-Minute Hijab In Quarantine

What's a girl to do?!

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As a hijabi, going into isolation for three months with little physical interaction means the freedom for my hair to breathe. Need to join a virtual meeting? No problem, but my camera will be off. No exceptions!

I’ve gotten a little too lazy with my hijab habits during quarantine, resulting in a lot of “oh no's" and quickly grabbing the closest object to cover my hair. I mean, I could always have a hijab on me at all times, but walking to the closet is too much work. So my laziness has definitely created a lot of funny moments!

1. Blanket

a woman holding a blanket over her head

2. Pillow

a woman holding a pillow over above her head to cover her hair

3. Towel

a women with a towel draped around her head

4. Book

a woman with an open book resting on top of her head to cover her hair

5. My hands

a woman covering her hair with her hands

As you could tell, I probably need a hijab on me at ALL times...lesson learned!