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6 Simple Tips I Use To Have A Healthier Relationship With Social Media

Balance is key!

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Social media has become cozy in our society. People describe feelings of never being able to put their phones down, and this connection can bring unwanted energy into our lives. As vital as information and socialization are, balance is key when it comes to having a healthy relationship with social media. Here are some tips for keeping that balance:

1. Post and leave

Leesy Whitehurst

"Give the world your gifts and then get out of there. This helps to focus on output and consistency. Don't get caught up."

2. Create a content calendar

Leesy Whitehurst

"Give yourself weekly goals and reminders of what you need to post. Planning posts is an organized way to avoid getting stuck, whether it's creatively, mentally, or because your life gets hectic."

3. Search, don't scroll

Leesy Whitehurst

"Be intentional when using social media. What do you need to find? Are you looking for inspo? Don't spend time aimlessly scrolling."

4. Turn off notifications

Leesy Whitehurst

"Save yourself some headspace. Avoid distractions by turning off post notifications."

5. Block and report

Leesy Whitehurst

"The interweb can be pretty hurtful. Take place in creating a healthy cyber environment by blocking and reporting users spreading hateful content."

6. And finally, limit your time

Leesy Whitehurst

"Pay attention to your screen time. Limit the amount of social media on the daily."