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9 Memes For Anyone Who Has Had Enough Of 2020

Ok, 2020 is....2020. But at least with Photoshop, we can meme through the pain!

1. Remember when toilet paper was basically currency?

2. Ok, maybe we didn't get tougher, but we did become more goth.

3. We all WANT a haircut, Karen...

4. "This year I want to go more concerts." — an absolute clown

5. *Blocking off time after every single meeting to get tested*

6. The real heroes of 2020 are 6-foot kings.

7. Let's all just agree...

8. In theory, time should be working the same as it did, but...

9. Replace "Easter" with every major holiday in 2020 *sigh*.

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All these memes were made through Photoshop, but Adobe Creative Cloud offers so many options to express yourself in a year really want to express yourself. And if you're a student, you can save up to 60%!