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Best #NastyWoman Tweets Of The Night

As soon as you heard the Donald say it, you knew it was going to be a hashtag.

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1. Stefon knows.

NY's hottest club is #NastyWoman. It has everything. Rigged Emmys. Bad hombres. Donald rejecting two centuries of American democracy.

2. You know we couldn't leave Janet out of this one.

Madame President, if you're nasty #NastyWoman #debatenight

3. The gasp heard 'round the world.

That *gasp* was the sound of the last woman voter saying "f**k this guy." #nastywoman

4. The mashup we were waiting for.

Single #nastywoman seeks single #badhombre for sipping wine, long walks on the beach, good conversation.

5. #NastyWoman mic drop.

You know what a #NastyWoman is good at? Voting. #debate

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