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Happy Birthday Chiraag Punjabi!

Well, the entire city is celebrating someone's birthday and its not a random person but our very own sexy bachelor (yes he is single you can ask him out, he knows not to say NO!) the Shelter Support Fellow of Mumbai, Chiraag Punjabi! So, lets get to know him a little better shall we?

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A bean bag for my friends!

My friends always had a non cordial/oh lemme jump on him way of meeting me! You know I was cool with it till I realized that it was only guys who would jump on me! :(

"A guy who can sing, can sweep girls off their feet"

Since being a Guitarist was not helping, I always noticed the lead singers of bands surrounded by girls to get their posters signed! Cut to that phase of my life where I thought I was no less than a Bryan Adams! #DesperateTimesDesperateMeasures #ThingsIDid

Meet Chiraag David Blaine Punjabi

Clean Shave - Check

Sexy Magician Attire - Check

Dangerous looking Minion - Check

Getting called for performing at kids birthday parties at McDonalds - Hell NOOOO!!!!

Cause I needed something that would GO DOWN, easily and every-time I wanted it to!

Friends introduced me to Alcohol and I introduced myself to another Chiraag Punjabi all together! #ICouldFinallySeeThingsHappen

"Trust me, You can Dance!" - BEER

Well, you might think I am trying to be an umpire here, but what I'm really doing is just practicing the moves beer + some Punjabi friends taught me the previous night!

#BalleOhBalle #AbTohMilHiJayegi

Things Money Can't Buy!

After years of hardwork, swollen fingers (Oh those Guitar chords), the yelling (while people thought I'm trying to sing), Chugging, moving my feet randomly with some even more random hand actions... #FirMujheMili

But God couldn't see me happy na! Introducing Chiraag Nerd Punjabi!

Shit just got real boys and girls! And with the sexy, nerdy boy look I officially ended all my relationships! Someone else had made their way to my heart.... #VIDYA

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