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I Tried The New adidas Ultraboost 22, And Here’s Why They *Actually* Made Me Like Running

As with all things in life, a good shoe can change everything.

Hi, my name is Isabella. I’m here to bravely admit that I have never, ever liked running. This is me before a run. Don't I look terrified?

But as winter started to melt away, I thought, Maybe this is my year! So I did what I do before starting any new hobby: I picked out new shoes. After perusing adidas, I went with the new Ultraboost 22.

View this video on YouTube / Via adidas

It's a running shoe that was engineered and redesigned specifically for the female foot, which made me excited to try them. 

The team at adidas analyzed 1.2 million foot scans to get the fit right for women. A shoe? Just for me? *Adds to cart.* 

They arrived quickly, with a surprise message on the box.

And then, BAM!

I'm a purple girl at heart so I love this colourway, but there are lots of other options for the UB22s, like Flash Orange.

But in the meantime, I laced up my Ultraboost 22s...

...and did a tap dance in the mirror to psych myself up for my long-awaited run.

The UB22 was designed with a narrower heel and lower instep for women, and I could feel the difference from my other running shoes instantly.

Finally ready to head into the sun, I said goodbye to the last remaining bit of snow.

First I did what I considered to be "stretching."

And then I was off! And not...hating it?

I have a hunch that my run momentum was propelled by the BOOST midsole on the UB22.

Although I haven't run in years, I felt like I even had enough energy to tackle running up a hill on the way home.

My final thoughts:

The PRIMEKNIT+ was super adaptive, the BOOST midsole made me feel like I was running like the wind, and the extra support in the redesign left me feeling comfortable the whole run. I enjoyed running in the Ultraboost 22s so much that I even went on a run the very next day. Who am I? 

Thanks for joining me on the first of many runs! For both new and experienced runners alike, you can check out the new Ultraboost 22 here. See you at the park!