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    Children's Book Takes Risk, Says Kids With Disabilities Are Just Like Other Kids

    Mom pens and publishes children's book for her child, after coming up empty handed and rejected by agents and publishers alike.

    So, this mom went looking for a book that her daughter could see herself in. When she couldn't find one, she wrote one. But when she began to pitch it, agents pulled a Gandalf....

    So, she did what moms do. She published it herself.

    Adiba Nelson / Via

    Meet ClaraBelle Blue (yes, also the title of the book)

    Adiba Nelson

    She likes to play jump rope...

    Adiba Nelson
    Adiba Nelson

    Play Duck Duck Goose (um, who doesn't?)...

    Adiba Nelson

    And like most kids, she's kind of a prankster...

    Shocking, right?


    This mom also dared to say that kids with disabilities needed to be tucked in at night!

    Adiba Nelson

    We can't get enough of this book! Order your copy of "Meet ClaraBelle Blue" on Amazon today!

    Adiba Nelson
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