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This Woman's Tweet About Clothing Sizes Started A Conversation About How Messed Up Things Really Are

"I’m having ptsd from that image."

This is Chloe Martin. She's an 18-year-old from Glasgow, Scotland, whose tweet about her jeans has gone viral for illustrating just how difficult it is to find the perfect size.

Her tweet featured her collection of jeans all lined up and shows the different interpretations of UK size 12 from various high street brands. The disparity is something Chloe thinks is "careless and toxic".

Incase you’ve ever wondered why women get so frustrated with our clothing sizes - every pair of jeans pictured, is a size 12

She said: "There’s been no efforts to make the sizing more consistent for all, even though if it says a 12, I should be able to go into any shop and know that a 12 will fit me, if that’s my size, it’s careless and toxic for young people who may be insecure, and a lot of high street stores are targeted towards young women."

Martin believes that it's time for more consistent sizing: "I think they either need to change it to waist and leg length for more accurate measurements, or there needs to be set measurements for each size, because it seems as though there’s literally inches between some of my size 12 jeans."

"It’s mostly women saying they don’t buy jeans anymore because of this, and that online shopping is never an option because sizes are so different," she added.

Chloe's point about the size disparity resonated with a lot of people.

@chloemmx This is tragic, one pair is a size 4 and one pair is a size 10.. no difference at all

@chloemmx @thehollybecker I’m having ptsd from that image

It's a conspiracy to get us to stay in skirts https://t.co/mB3vvllU9S

i felt this IN MY SOUL!!! i was trying on shorts tonight and in LITERALLY THE SAME STORE, three different shorts all size ten fit me differently. one was too small, one too big, and one fit nicely even tho they were all supposed to be the same size. UGHHHH https://t.co/oJ4XefA3PB

Men also chimed in, some were sympathetic — and others pointed out that they faced a similar challenge.

Girl jeans blow my mind. Its just fucking arbitrary numbers https://t.co/oGFIPE998R

Until I worked at American Eagle I thought girl’s pants sizes were like guys then I saw this system and was so confused https://t.co/f56Z7Rls9M

This only thing I get nervous about buying a woman, and this why. https://t.co/IHGzywQRPD

That’s the same across genders? Different brands yield different sizes even when they are marked as the same size. And not just jeans but the t-shirts too! https://t.co/NNvBM5l8je


whoever made the last pair of jeans is a hoe lmao https://t.co/Zlxwbat75y

I almost cried the other day bc my thighs wouldn’t fit into some pants. https://t.co/jArCOPFT2D

The experiences shared also touched on how the disparity in sizing affects the way people view themselves.

Lol the fucking anxiety when you try on your own size and it wont go up https://t.co/dWlU9c58zg

No wonder so many people struggle with body dysmorphia!!!!!! https://t.co/lBawz7u77N

Could the solution be to just abolish denim all together?

this is why I wear leggings everyday https://t.co/Fd3P8lRFmQ

This is why I buy nothing but sweats, leggings and non-jean shorts. I hate jeans https://t.co/cJLZCxtuSx

This is why most of my jeans are thrifted mens jeans LOL. They just fit me better https://t.co/kH0jMN2vl8



What do the people want? Universal SIZING! When do they want it? As soon as possible, please.