This Picture Of Kim Kardashian Posing In Her Yeezys Has Become A Meme

    "Andy's coming."

    On Monday evening, Kim Kardashian West did what any supportive wife would do: She posted a picture wearing the latest trainers from Kanye West's line.

    It's, um, a very casual-looking picture, and one where Kim looks absolutely natural and comfortable in a khaki two-piece and some Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Butters. This is definitely how I look when I'm relaxing. People, of course, had other thoughts:

    @KimKardashian A new meme is born

    The pose is definitely familiar.

    And Kim fits right in hitting the Shoot.

    She could also be mistaken for a marathon runner triumphantly crossing the finish line.

    Or maybe Kim could be taking part in a challenging game of Twister?

    She's even been added to Donald Glover's "This Is America" video.

    And then there was this.

    Thanks, Kim. Can't wait to see what you drop next.

    E! / Via Giphy

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