Empty-Nester Photo Shoots Are Becoming More Common And, You Know What, Parents Have Earned Them

    "They are walking around the house butt naked right now."

    This cheeky pair is Randy and Amy English, a mum and dad from Mississippi. The couple recently went viral after their empty-nest photo shoot hit the internet.

    Their photos have been shared thousands and thousands of times across Twitter and Instagram. Amy is beyond surprised.

    This couple did an “Empty Nesters” photoshoot to celebrate all their kids finally leaving home and I just 😂

    "It is so strange to see our faces in the news. We posted the pictures for our friends and family on Facebook to see, and it just spiralled from there," said Amy.

    "We are extremely grateful to everyone who has shared our pictures. It has opened opportunities for Haley in her photography business, and for that we will always be very proud and thankful."

    That's right — the woman behind the lens is none other than one of the kids who has flown the nest.

    The proud parents have happily ushered three children aged between 22 and 25 into the real world but say they haven't really been able to enjoy their newfound freedom.

    And, of course, they have two dogs — who are their favourite kids to keep taking care of.

    Reflecting on parenthood, Amy told BuzzFeed News that her biggest lessons over the years have largely been about the importance of creating memories.

    People are feeling truly inspired.

    @Colum3 @DarronDiesel @JosephineOCon19 I might do such a photo shoot with no other half, children or pets!

    @DarronDiesel @MatthewACherry They are walking around the house butt naked right now.

    This is peak parenting. https://t.co/ToGhu2mSJJ

    Other parents can totally relate.

    @DarronDiesel @haley_kenner Can totally relate! Except I took the picture.. and guess where I still live. Yes at home

    But some are a little bit more sentimental about the experience.

    @DarronDiesel Funny as heck but we never felt this way when @dearmothica moved. It’s been 5 years & we even set up her room in our new downsized house -even though she’s never lived here!

    And some children know exactly what happens as soon as they fly the nest.

    @DarronDiesel @JamilahLemieux My mom painted my bedroom and turned it into a sewing room withing 2 weeks of me moving out. She sold get house 1 month after my sister moved out and got a condo so that we wouldn't move back home.

    But how long will the nest stay empty?

    @DarronDiesel Little do they know that their grandkids will be right around the corner

    Until then, let's let people enjoy things, shall we?

    @DarronDiesel @denapouchie The gag is that they gonna want to move on with you when they older so that you can take care of them 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #rememberthis

    A "fuck them kids" sign would have been fantastic here https://t.co/2PmyJ88zjG

    Yes, we do stan.

    The "just kidding" photo. Omg. Do i.....do I stan? https://t.co/v7sivOO002