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    Here's The Full Story Of The Ice Cream Guy Who Became A Meme For The Wrong Reasons

    "Omg did we witness a milkshake duck in reverse?"

    So by now, you've probably seen this video of this guy in Westfield, Stratford, shopping centre making ice cream with a certain amount of...erm, enthusiasm.

    This man single handedly ended misogyny you’re welcome ladies

    The video was uploaded to TikTok as an International Women's Day message and created by Rob Huysinga, a cofounder of the ice cream company Pan-n-Ice from Berkshire.

    Imagine asking for an Oreo ice cream and a man starts moving like this

    Yeaaah so, it didn't particularly go down well with people online.

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    It's been viewed more than 12 million times and inspired responses such as this.

    One of the strangest things I've ever seen, really freaked me out this one has.

    and this...

    What the (and i can't be any louder) the fuck is going on here??????

    And this gem of a response.

    Never felt more uncomfortable in ma life and I was in ma pals hoose when his burd told him she was shagging his cousin.

    Buuuuut here's the thing. Shortly after, some people discovered another video of Rob in action, only this time he was serving up dessert at a children's hospital.

    Once a month the Pan Ice guy visits children's hospitals, what a guy

    Rob told BuzzFeed News: "Actions speak louder than words. It is all well and good having 'Be Kind' on the back of our T-shirts, however doing good makes a person and a business better than just saying good. For this reason, once a month we go to children's hospitals and the kids love it."

    Speaking about his distinctive approach to preparing the company's signature ice cream rolls, the 24-year-old explained how the brand is intentionally theatric to set it apart from competitors.

    The business owner, who describes the brand as "fun and playful", said he felt "misinterpreted and misconstrued" over his viral performance.

    Rob Huysinga

    He said: "Upon reflection, with this particular video I have allowed myself to be misinterpreted and misconstrued.

    "The eccentric manner upon which I make the ice cream, right through to the introduction; the whole thing has been completely blown up and taken out of context."

    He added: "I would like to sincerely apologise to anyone who may have been offended by the video."

    But people are already rethinking their position.🤔

    To all the people making fun of this man for his past cringyness, what might you have to say now I wonder? 🤔

    ice cream guy sweetie i'm sorry, i'm SO sorry my dumbass ever talked shit about you

    This nullifies his prior actions, gotta give him a pass now as long as he doesn't do them moves in front of the kids

    Could it be a duck milkshake?

    Omg did we witness a milkshake duck in reverse

    Love it when internet memes have a wholesome side

    We cant judge a book by a cover 😭

    Okay now i kinda feel guilty for cursing at how cringey he was in the other videos agahajhahsha

    So will we be seeing any more of those sultry moves? Well following the experience of going viral for all the wrong reasons, Rob appears to have learned a valuable lesson.


    He said: "What I find frustrating with today's age is how the other videos of me having fun with customers, or me in children's hospitals, never fully surface in a way this other one has. Instead, individuals look at where they can hate and just jump on the band wagon and ride it.

    "This is something I have had to learn abruptly, and going forward I will ensure I am more aware of what I am doing in my videos and how they'll be perceived."

    Remember a simpler time when ordering ice cream wasn't an extreme sport?

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