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    This Mom Went Above And Beyond For Her Daughter's "Crazy Hair" Contest And The Result Is Amazing

    "And the best mom award of the year goes to...."

    This is Ariel Romero, a YouTuber from Houston, with her mum April Castillo and little sister Atlantis Castillo.

    Well, the family has gone viral after Ariel shared a picture of her mom's very creative effort for "crazy hair day" at her 4-year-old sister's school.

    my sister had crazy hair day at school today and my mom was not playing games and really wanted her to win 😂

    Ariel told BuzzFeed News: "My mom picked the hairstyle. She had seen people use a paper doll and wasn’t really feeling it, so she went the extra mile and added a real-life doll."

    A real-life doll? Impressive.

    The hairstyle, which took around 25 minutes to put together, features Ariel, aka the Little Mermaid, nestled in a green braid that represents the mermaid tail. Speaking on behalf of the family, Ariel said: "My parents have always had quite an obsession with 'Under the Sea', so my sisters and I have always loved mermaids."

    And little Atlantis (sensing the theme here?) absolutely loved her hair. "She loved it so much and didn’t want to take it off. She even went to her gymnastics class with her hair like that," Ariel added.

    But creating the hairstyle was actually a team effort. The whole look didn't come together until dad, Miguel Castillo, came to the rescue.

    Other parents have shared adorable pictures of their own creations.

    @aireuhl_ When my son had crazy hair day I did this to him lol

    @aireuhl_ @babysnitchery I’m that extra ass mom too 😭😭😭 no contest tho just fun

    @aireuhl_ My daughter had it too! She’s obsessed with rainbows♥️🌈

    @aireuhl_ im that extra mom too 😂 made my lil baby cupcake hair

    People are inspired by the level of creativity.

    spark magazine is one editorial away from doin this tbh

    And are already thinking ahead.

    when I have kids I’m going hard for everything they have , can’t waitttt

    How extra I plan on being as a mom, my poor kids just gonna have to go along with it

    I aspire to be an extra mom just like her!

    When your mum goes above and beyond for you.

    And the best mom award of the year goes to....

    This is mom goals for me.

    Motherhood is a whole other realm. We STAN.

    More importantly, people wanted to know if Atlantis had done enough to impress the judges.

    Did she win is the question that needs answering. If she didn’t win, I’m calling complaints to the school board.

    And she better had won !

    Reader, she won.