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An Act Of Kindness That Needs To Be Recognized

My boss made me mashed potatoes, and the world needs to know.

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Anyway, I had my wisdom teeth taken out this Tuesday

And for those of you who want details, it was glorious. I puked up nothing but blood and bile three times - one time immediately after waking up from surgery, another time on the car ride home - before eating nothing but chocolate pudding for the rest of that day.

And here's the scoop...


So I worked at a lovely family-owned pizza joint called Homestyle Pizza. My boss who worked with me during night shifts was JoJo, a lovely Italian man (who can be grumpy at times). I actually just left Homestyle to 1) get my wisdom teeth out and 2) spend my final two weeks of summer hanging out with friends and family before I leave for school in September.

So basically I spent the day of my surgery dreaming about savory foods

I literally spent Tuesday imagining the day after surgery; the day where I can eat mashed potatoes, Mac n cheese, and soup instead of a gallon of mint ice cream (which I ate anyways). And remembering my friends at Homestyle, I called them up to ask if they would have mashed potatoes the next day. Quick side note, if you ever find yourself at Homestyle Pizza, please order yourself a quart of Mac n cheese. It's heavenly. And I won't pretend that I didn't just eat a cup of that for dinner each night. Anyway, they told me that they would not have mashed potatoes - the one food I was dreaming of - but good luck with my wisdom teeth and that they would have a sizable portion of soup and Mac n cheese waiting for me.

The next day...

I spent most of Wednesday looking like this. with two ice packs on both sides of my face (on for 30 minutes, off for 30 minutes), watching rom coms and eating a bowl of mashed potatoes for every meal. This picture was taken by my close friend Molly, who took time out of her day to come sit, watch Gossip Girl, and take pictures of me suffering. Then around 2:00 pm, I got a call from JoJo saying "Hey, I have mashed potatoes for you." At that point, I had bought myself three packets of four cheese mashed potatoes (2 of which I had already eaten). But, I was totally overwhelmed by the fact that my boss of about three months had taken time out of his day to make his fifteen year old ex-employee some soft food.

In conclusion...

I wish that I could show you some kind of visual image of JoJo telling me he had made me mashed potatoes (I texted him attempting to get one, but he doesn't like to text me back), but instead I have these screenshots of me gushing to my ex-coworker Kayla. Maybe this act of kindness would mean more to you as a reader if you knew my boss. He works until late, he's in charge of taking and listening to every complaint we get, and he's also in charge of giving us the tough love (or just yelling at us) when we mess everything up. He once texted me at 1:00 am on a Monday to remind me to come in at 4:00 the next day. Basically, this man needs sleep, and a slice of his own pizza. I don't know who made the mashed potatoes, or who decided it would be a good idea to make them in the first place, but this is an act of kindness that needs to be recognized. Not only did he decide to give me, a fifteen year old girl, a job for the summer and then deal with three months of me forgetting side salads and dropping dressings on the floor, he was kind to me after I left. And although this little act of kindness might not be as sob-worthy as a homeless man being bought a home, I appreciate it more than anything. Maybe it is because my face really hurts right now, or because I have never wanted a crunchy egg roll more in my life, but this has made me very emotional and grateful, and this man needs to be appreciated.

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