8 Disney Channel Breakups That Honestly Broke My Little Gen Z Heart

    If you didn't cry, you aren't human.

    If you asked Gen Z'ers about their childhoods, you would undoubtedly find countless commonalities. Rainbow Loom, Silly Bandz, Webkinz, Tamagotchi, slap bracelets and, of course, the Disney Channel (back when cable was thriving).

    8. Miley and Jesse (Hannah Montana)

    On the top, Miley says, "So you're just gonna walk away from us?" and on the bottom, Jesse says, "As long as there's two of you, I don't think there can be an 'us'"

    7. Bailey and Cody (The Suite Life on Deck)

    Cody and Bailey stand on a rooftop overlooking Paris

    6. Sonny and Chad (Sonny With a Chance)

    Sonny stands in front of Chad, hands him a trophy and says, "The only 'us' there is now is between you and this award"

    5. Alex and Mason (Wizards of Waverly Place)

    Alex furrows her brows as she looks at Mason and he looks down sadly

    4. Zack and Maya (The Suite Life on Deck)

    Maya talks to Zack while he looks away

    3. Spencer and Teddy (Good Luck Charlie)

    On the top, Teddy saying, "How could you?" in the middle, Spencer saying, "I-I'm sorry. I can expla-" and on the bottom, Teddy saying, "Just...don't"

    2. Justin and Juliet (Wizards of Waverly Place)

    1. Gabriella and Troy (High School Musical 2)