How Well Do You Know 901loves90210?

don’t cheat hoes

  1. What was the code name for @901loves90210?
    1. porcupine
    2. platypus
    3. rainbow fish
    4. tyrone
    5. dog
  2. What was the original bio of @901loves90210?
    1. unfaithful records
    2. ryan matthews
    3. at the offshore
    4. in rehab
    5. cocaine and pregnancy
  3. Who took the role of Adrianna on @901loves90210?
    1. Addie
    2. Hanna
    3. Hayley
    4. Lauren
    5. Regan
  4. Finish this quote: "when my parents let me stay up on a school night..."
    1. #neat
    2. #rebel
    3. #imnottiredmom
    4. #fightthepatriarchy
    5. #radical
  5. Who did Mr. Matthews teach?
    1. drug users
    2. drug dealers
    3. pregnant teens
    4. underage bartenders
    5. just about everywhere in between
    6. all of the above #whatastudentbody #writemeapaper #seventhousandwords
  6. Moving from a small town in Kansas to Beverly Hills will have absolutely no impact on who?
    1. Debbie’s husband
    2. Debbie’s biological daughter
    3. Debbie’s adopted son
    4. all of the above. poor Debbie
  7. Who followed @901loves90210 until their account got hacked?
    1. mack wilds
    2. jessica lowndes
    3. ryan eggold
    4. shenae grimes beech
    5. matt lanter
  8. Who responded to our DM about how great their song is?
    1. jessica lowndes
    2. mack wilds
    3. michael steger
    4. shenae grimes beech
    5. annalynne mccord
  9. Who did we see as a young boy in a guidance video in seventh grade?
    1. dixon
    2. teddy
    3. navid
    4. liam
    5. austin

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