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7 Facts About Online Marketing That More Than One Would Pay To Know

We have evaluated the various statistics of online marketing in 2014 and we have been shocked. These facts about how people use the Internet, their devices and social networks can benefit anyone interested in improving their online marketing strategies this year.

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The numbers last year represent an opportunity to orient correctly when deciding which media should invest and also show the priority that Dallas web design give to responsive web designs due to the increase of users of tablets and mobile phones.

Here we present 7 curious statistics that could give a turn to any strategy of Online Marketing:

1) On the frequency of publications in social networks

Anyone would say that the more you post on a blog, the better it is. Well, this is not so, Track Social has found that by posting more posts, engagement is less: less comments are received and less attention is paid to each of them.

2) About emails

From 2014 to 2016 Litmus has registered a 500% growth in the number of people who open e-mails from their mobile phones. Statistics indicate that 22% of people open them from the desktop, 25% via webmail and 53% from their mobile. How many e-mails did you open that were correctly displayed on your mobile?

3) Engagement in social networks

Fact browser has published that only 30% of companies are responding to feedback from their users on social networks. The percentage is alarming, but it is a very good data for those who want to make a difference.

4) About the tablet boom

Did you know that tablet users use them an average of 14 hours per week? This statistic of OPA shows the need to adapt any Dallas web design to this device, since in addition, 61% of users have purchased from their device.

5) Billion Youtube

YouTube has billionaires statistics: users see more than 6 billion hours of video each month on this social network. This is more or less, an hour for every person on earth! Now being YouTuber does not seem like a bad choice, right?

6) Social Network Users

Experian published this famous statistics report in 2014 with exorbitant figures: 56% of US adults use social networks against 78% of young adults. And even more: users in Argentina and Mexico spend an average of 4.3 and 4.8 hours DAILY in social networks, this is practically half the total time they spend on the internet.

Are you astonished as we are? In our opinion, 2015 will be the year in which everyone should bet on Online Marketing focused on new electronic devices. In addition, the statistics about the different social networks show us a clear path to follow when optimizing the Social Media Marketing strategies that we will implement this year.

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