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14 International Dishes To Make Your Meals Less Boring

Sure, you like chicken soup and grilled cheese - who doesn't? But it's time to expand your culinary horizons with these foods that you're sure to love. Eat your heart out.

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1. If you like Chicken Noodle Soup, you'll love...

Flickr: hmoong / Creative Commons

This Vietnamese noodle soup is made from a beef broth flavored with sweet and refreshing spices and herbs. It traditionally comes with rare, thin sliced beef and tons of crunchy and bright garnishes to add. Perfect on a cold day.

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2. If you like Huevos Rancheros, you'll love... / Creative Commons

This breakfast dish with North African origins is also wildly popular in the Middle East. Eggs are poached in a skillet with a sauce made from tomatoes, chilies and spices, making for a hearty start to the day. Just be sure you have tons of bread to mop up the delicious sauce.

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3. If you like Nachos, you'll love...

Flickr: masaassassin

OK, so these are basically nachos on steroids. Lightly fried tortillas are topped with salsa or mole, plus other ingredients ranging from chicken and cheese to avocados and eggs. The result is a crunchy, spicy, gooey party of Mexican madness.

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4. If you like Gyros, you'll love...

Flickr: 1yen

This takes the idea of a gyro - meat like lamb or chicken roasted on a spit - and gives it a Middle Eastern makeover. Load up a pita or a laffa with the meat, plus an endless number of toppings (hummus, tahini, veggies, pickles), and you've got some of the best on-the-go food around.

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5. If you like Braised Beef, you'll love...

Flickr: wallyg

Time to grow up and eat beef like a boss. Bone marrow, which is usually roasted and often served with parsley salad or onion jam to cut through the richness, is essentially meat flavored butter. Just spread on some crispy bread and you're all set.

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6. If you like Grilled Cheese, you'll love...

Flickr: scottlowe

Meet your new favorite brunch - or hangover - dish. This Georgian appetizer is cheese filled bread, often topped with poached eggs and lots of butter. A better way to describe it is as a bread boat with the most decadent, sinful passengers aboard. And they've got a one way ticket to your belly. Send them home...

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7. If you like Chili, you'll love...

Flickr: jcohen97

This soup is a staple in Mexico that's been around for centuries. In order to be authentic, this must be made with hominy (dried maize kernals). After that, add any variety of meats and chilies, plus garnishes like avocado, cilantro or tortilla strips.

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8. If you like Roast Pork, you'll love...

Flickr: niallkennedy

So this basically is roast pork, only it's rolled with bits of fat, skin, garlic and herbs. When it's done cooking, you get a mix of meaty, fatty and crunchy textures, making it one of the most extreme pork experiences you'll likely encounter. Throw it on some crisp ciabatta bread along with some greens and call it a day.

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9. If you like Baked Ziti, you'll love...

This Spanish dish is very similar to paella, but it's made using toasted noodles, such as vermicelli. The result is a dish typically filled with seafood, plus the added bite of charred, crunchy pasta. And if you want to get real crazy, top it with a dollop of homemade aioli.

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10. If you like Lobster Mac & Cheese, you'll love...

Lobster Mac & Cheese just seems childish in comparison to this incredible Italian dish. Squid ink pasta is topped with seafood, like crab, as well as cheese and breadcrumbs for a crunchy finish. This is decadence in its creamiest form.

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11. If you like Beef Stew, you'll love...

Flickr: christopheducamp / Creative Commons

This classic French dish is essentially a veal stew. Traditionally prepared with cream, pearl onions and mushrooms, it's comfort food at it's finest. If you see this on a menu that's entirely in French, it's definitely a safe order.

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12. If you like Lo Mein, you'll love...

Flickr: avlxyz

Introducing Lo Mein's spicy, Sichuan cousin. These noodles sit in a sauce of fiery Sichuan peppers and chili oil, and is often finished with minced pork and scallions. If Lo Mein is who your parents are expecting at the family get-together, Dan Dan Noodles is who you're partying with afterwards.

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13. If you like Lasagna, you'll love...

Flickr: jhard

AKA the Greek version of Shephard's Pie. The landmark dish is a layered casserole of eggplant and meat, and topped with a bechamel sauce. Once it's baked, the top layer gets charred and crusty, which is the icing on the cake for this warm and filling dish.

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14. If you like Sno Cones, you'll love...

Flickr: danielygo

This Filipino dessert starts with shaved ice and evaporated milk. From there, you have the freedom to go nuts. Add fruit, jello, even Cap n' Crunch (see: Talde in NYC), and you won't find a weirder, more refreshing way to end a meal.

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