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    9 Mistakes Activists With Class Privilege Make

    Adapted from "Classified: How to Stop Hiding Your Privilege and Use It for Social Change." @Resource Generation

    1. The Boss

    2. The Ivory Tower

    3. The Waffle

    4. The Space Cadet

    5. The Stage Hog

    6. The Daddy Warbucks

    7. The All-Knowing Activist

    8. The My Big Idea Can Solve Everything

    9. The Incessant Privilege Checker

    10. Because, really ... in one way or another, these could all be me.

    11. And it's sometimes easier to call out others than to share my own real vulnerabilities or screw ups.

    12. That's why I'm super glad there are resources out there for young people with financial wealth and/or class privilege on how to better support movements for social justice.

    13. And so many things we can do, as young people with financial wealth and/or class privilege, to more effectively leverage our resources for social change.

    14. And the best part of it all? Everyone gets a great big cookie at the end.