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Qantas Flew A Box Of Ice Cream To NYC Just For Me, A Homesick Australian

Wait, you've never had an airline bring you ice cream from your home country?

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Back home in Australia, Streets Ice Cream (aka Good Humor, in the USA) has just unveiled a treat called the Gaynetto.

ahmazingfood / Via

It's a mash-up of two beloved ice creams, the biscuit-covered Golden Gaytime & the cone-shaped Cornetto.

As a joke, I confided in Qantas my predicament.

.@qantas please take me home immediately

And that was the end of it. I resumed my life as an all-American boy with neither Gaytime nor Cornetto to enjoy. But then...

A few hours later, Qantas sent out a snap of a big box of Gaynettos waiting to board in First Class

Qantas via Snapchat

That's when it dawned on me that I was going to eat something that had flown in a better class *than me*.

And that was it - a box of Gaynettos was in the air, bound for NYC.

Qantas / Via

My friends were pretty amused by the whole affair.

So @adamjmoussa can get an airline to deliver ice cream across the world but I can't even get a man.

On Saturday morning, under the care of Qantas crew Mike and Sam, they arrived safely in Times Square.

Adam Moussa

In the box: 20 perfectly frozen Gaynettos, and a metric fuckton of dry ice keeping them cool.

Now I've got a bunch of Gaynettos in my freezer, and a pretty decent story to tell at parties.

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