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The Nike "E.A.R.L" Is A Game Changer

The new Nike design for shoes that has no laces.

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Whats with the + and -?

Sneaker News / Via

The + sign helps you tighten the fly wire while the negative - sign looses it. Don't worry those are stickers so you wont always see the + and - signs.

Where is the engine?

Sneaker News / Via

That blue box on the shoe is called a lace engine. It holds the battery that lasts roughly two weeks. It is also what tightens and loosens the shoe.

Whats with the light...

Sneaker News / Via

The lights are actually really important for the shoe, because it will tell you when the battery is low and when the engine is running. Blue means full power, yellow means you have a couple of days left, and red means put it on the charge as soon as possible.

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