11 Unusual Drinks That Will Up Your Cocktail Game

    Because there's more out there than just rum and coke.

    If you're getting tired of vodka cranberries, no need to fear. These cocktails will show you how much more to life there is.

    Be warned: you might have to repeat your order to a (kind of annoyed) bartender a few times, but it's totally worth it.

    1. If you like mimosas, try the French 75.

    2. If you like Long Island Iced Teas, try the Twelve Mile Limit.

    3. If you like martinis, try the Vancouver.

    4. If you like Manhattans, try the Diamondback.

    5. If you like mojitos, try a caipirinha.

    6. If you like rum and Coke, try an El Presidente.

    7. If you like vodka soda, try a Humble Pie.

    8. If you like margaritas, try a Copa Verde.

    9. If you like whiskey sours, try the Bijou.

    10. If you like the Dark and Stormy, try the Bermuda Black.

    11. If you like gin and tonic, try a Green Ghost.