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    It's Thyme: BuzzFeed's Tasty Spice Kit Is 35% Off For Prime Day

    Spice up your life with 35% off!

    Confession: when it comes time to season my food I look at my spice rack, get overwhelmed by which seasonings I should be using, and feel like this:

    So when I saw the Tasty Seasoning Kit Created by McCormick was 35% off for Amazon Prime Day, I knew my thyme spent stressing was over!

    The set comes with FIVE, pre-mixed, palate changing seasonings, so the ~food science~ is already done for you. Plus, each jar comes with suggests for which foods they go best with. No thinking at all, just delicious food!

    They've truly cracked the perfect flavor profiles for any ~food mood~ you're in: Fiery (sriracha, lime and garlic), Zesty (lemon, thyme and basil), Hearty (garlic, red bell pepper and paprika), Jazzy (green bell pepper, paprika, garlic) and Savory (tomato, basil and oregano).

    In conclusion, 35% off is a really big dill and you should grab a Tasty Seasoning Kit Created by McCormick before the sale ends July 16th at 3 p.m.

    Get it from Amazon for $20.74 (originally $31.90).

    You, smelling all the FLAVOR your food has now.