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    22 Male Fashion Trends That You Totally Rocked In The 2000s

    But maybe now wish you could forget.

    1. Popped collars (on collars on collars).

    The more the merrier. Turn 'em up.

    2. Hair so spiky that it added three inches to your height.

    Al Bello / Getty Images

    Bonus 2000s fashion points for the visor.

    3. T-shirts claiming you were a member of an "athletic club."

    Where is this "athletic club" you always speak of, Abercrombie? WHERE, I SAY.

    4. EXTREMELY distressed jeans.

    If there wasn't at least one hole that exposed your underwear, they weren't distressed enough.

    5. Ed Hardy anything.

    The less blank space, the better.

    6. Unnecessarily large diamond earrings.

    Phil Cole / Getty Images

    Definitely more of a niche trend, but the diamonds were so large that they seemed to be everywhere.

    7. Hair bleached beyond all recognition.

    Bleached and spiked? Ethan Hawke was on his game.

    8. Trucker hats, especially from Von Dutch.

    Flickr: erikamatthias

    Also be sure to notice the brightly colored sunglasses.

    9. Humongous cargo shorts.

    These were actually the most convenient things. You could fit everything in them. So useful. Miss them :(

    10. Patchwork denim jackets.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Notice Justin with the classic two-tone denim and Chris with the leather/denim combo.

    11. A perfect fauxhawk.

    Flickr: cmag

    +1 for bleaching the tips of the 'hawk.

    12. Livestrong bracelets.

    Way back before the truth about Lance came out.

    13. Pants that were baggy enough that you could fit in just one leg if you wanted.

    To round out your rebellious skater look.

    14. Belts with at least three rows of studs.

    Possibly purchased at Hot Topic.

    15. Blindingly white Air Force Ones.

    Gotta keep 'em clean.

    16. Soul patches.

    Darren McCollester / Getty Images

    Affleck really breaking away from tradition here and making the patch his own.

    17. Turtlenecks with jackets over them.

    Nice color combo, Coolio.

    18. Large button down shirts opened to reveal a plain undershirt beneath.

    All about exposing that undershirt.

    19. Or just wearing these kinds of undershirts as your actual shirt.

    Flickr: kalebdf

    To help show off your *muscles*.

    20. Nylon or velour pants, likely from Adidas.

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    Rock that tracksuit.

    21. Really tight shell necklaces.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    So ~beachy~

    22. And basically everything in this picture.

    Stefan Zaklin / Getty Images

    Aaron Carter, the epitome of men's fashion in the 2000s.