Maple Is The Best Dog On Vine And You Need To Follow Her Right Now


    Meet Maple, your new favorite dog on the entire internet.

    You might have seen Maple in one of the many Vines where she displays her impeccable musical talents.

    Play that glockenspiel, Maple!

    She's always on rhythm.

    Maple is owned by the mysterious musician Trench, who regularly uploads videos of himself playing covers of popular songs or his own original music while Maple sits nearby or frolics outdoors.

    And it's actually relaxing AF to simply watch Maple standing around, looking majestic, while Trench's ethereal music plays.

    Like, watching Maple is basically a form of therapy.

    Look at how adorably happy she is when she's got some new boots!

    So what if Maple doesn't always have the greatest coordination?

    Because she's more than just a dog. She's a work of art.

    And her love for her owner is the most beautiful thing you'll ever see.

    So if you're not following Maple, you need to get on that RIGHT AWAY.

    And you can get even more Maple by following Trench on Instagram.