20 Places You Wish You Could Be Napping Right Now

This is some straight-up, unabashed bedroom porn.

1. Good night.

ae0816146146 / Via

2. Sleep tight.

Naphat_Jorjee / Via

3. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.

nui7711 / Via

4. It’s time to rest.

Purestock / Via

5. Just close your eyes.

Franck Camhi / Via

6. Imagine yourself here.

wanderluster / Via

7. Drifting off.

fiphoto / Via

8. Taking a break.

pigphoto / Via

9. Curling up.

leonello / Via

10. Under the covers.

11. Lying down.

piovesempre / Via

12. In total silence.

2Mmedia / Via

13. Take a load off.

Sam Camp / Via

14. Give in.

15. And just…sleep.

piovesempre / Via

16. Yes, it is nap time.

17. Get into bed.

2Mmedia / Via

18. Good night.

Jupiterimages / Via

19. Sleep tight.

moodboard / Via

20. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.

alicenerr / Via

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