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21 Foods New England Does Better Than Anywhere Else

Stop trying to make Manhattan clam chowder happen. It's not going to happen.

1. Fluffernutters

Move over, jelly. Marshmallow Fluff was invented in Massachusetts and is still the favorite choice among New Englanders when deciding what to put on their peanut butter sandwich.

2. Clam Chowder

None of that weird tomato-y stuff. Just classic New England chowda.

3. Lobster Rolls

Preferably eaten at a wooden picnic table overlooking the water.

4. Clam Bakes

Flickr: arndog

New England shellfish > everywhere else's shellfish.

5. Ice Cream

Flickr: mr_t_in_dc

Because Ben & Jerry's.

6. Anything with Cranberries

Cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving? Yeah, New England does it best. Cranberries are even the official state fruit of Massachusetts.

7. Also, Blueberries

Maine has designated the blueberry its official state berry, with over 60,000 acres of land dedicated to growing the fruit.

8. Whoopie Pie

Flickr: zaia

They're the official state treat of Maine.

9. Maple Syrup

Don't even try to pretend that there's anything better than Vermont maple syrup. Just don't.

10. Bread Rolls

The art of the pre-dinner roll when you're out to eat has been perfected by Bertucci's. They are just. so. amazing.

11. Fried Clams

Flickr: tinybanquet

The Clam Box in Ipswich, Mass., is a national treasure.

12. Johnnycakes

Regular pancakes are fine, but johnnycakes are divine. These cornmeal-based wonders date back to the early years of the Pilgrims in America.

13. Frozen Lemonade

Flickr: goodladyducayne

If you've never had a Del's in the summer, I am so, so sorry.

14. Apple Cider

Apple orchards and New England go hand in hand. Case in point: The apple orchard in The Cider House Rules was located in Maine.

15. Frappes

Flickr: bcymet

Or, if you're at Friendly's (founded in New England!), Fribbles. But NEVER call them milkshakes.

16. Hot Dogs

Rhode Island makes hot wieners, aka hot dogs taken to the extreme with meat sauce, chopped onions, spices, and more.

17. Boston Cream Pie

So creamy and custardy and spongy and perfect.

18. Cheese

Whatever, Wisconsin. Do you guys have Cabot Creamery? That's what I thought.

19. Baked Beans

Nobody really calls Boston "Beantown," but the baked beans are actually really great with all that sweet molasses goodness.

20. Potato Chips

If they're not kettle cooked, they're just not as good.

21. And Doughnuts

Flickr: pivic

Because Dunkin'.