22 Dogs Who Seriously Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Stupid Selfie

Leave them alone. Leave the poor dogs alone.

1. This dog who has no qualms about trying to bite your face in this situation.

None whatsoever.

2. This dog who really wishes he had downed a few more drinks before this.

3. This dog who is shocked and appalled by what you are doing just outside of the frame.

Shame on you!

4. This dog who is planning on getting her revenge while you sleep.

5. This dog who just realized why you are holding him up and is utterly appalled.

6. This dog who, in this exact moment, is having her eyes opened to the terrible realities of the world.

And who is subsequently undergoing a profound existential crisis.

7. This dog who would like to be put back down THIS INSTANT.

8. This dog who is rolling his eyes at you SO HARD right now.

9. This dog who is letting her side-eye do all the talking.

10. This dog who doesn’t care that he’s in a selfie with Joe Jonas, he still thinks it’s dumb.

11. This dog who hates photobombing even more than he hates selfies.

12. This dog who is pretty sure that’s not the camera flash, that’s actually his life flashing before his eyes.

13. These dogs who are getting the fuck out of there right now.

14. This dog who would literally rather chew on his own tongue than be in your selfie.

15. This dog who is looking so forlornly into the camera, you can almost see the melancholy residing in his soul.

16. This dog who will not let you imprison him in your arms and subject him to this selfie torture any longer.

17. This dog who is paddling with all his might to get away from you right now.

18. This dog who can’t believe that you’re mocking him. It’s not his fault he holds his tongue that way!

Seriously, he thought you guys were friends.

19. This dog who thinks your gif is stupid and you should feel stupid.

20. This dog who is getting real tired of your goddamn Instagram filters.

21. This dog who is desperately crying out for help to the person just to the side of the frame.

Why won’t you help him, mystery person??

22. And this dog, who isn’t even being subtle about his feelings right now.

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