15 Dogs Who Have Absolutely Impeccable Table Manners

    You'll want to invite these pups to your next dinner party.

    We recently asked subscribers to the BuzzFeed Animals newsletter to submit images of their precious pooches at the dinner table. And it turns out, these pups have terrific manners.

    1. Sophie places her utensils in the right positions because she knows how much that means to you.

    2. Jackson knows that you are vegetarian, so he'll let you take your slice of pizza first.

    3. Bear is aware of the importance of dressing in your finest sweater when attending a fancy dinner party.

    4. Grimmy wants you to know that it's OK if you're too stressed to set the table, she'll help you set up dinner as a casual buffet.

    5. Daisy isn't going to ask for you to pass the butter until you've had a turn to take however much of it you want.

    6. Murphy is helping you put down that table runner you bought last week at Bed Bath & Beyond.

    7. Bella can't believe some people would dare eat without a napkin.

    8. Mikko offered to tend bar so you didn't have to worry about the food and the drinks.

    9. Missy and Scrappy are expressing their gratitude for the delicious meal provided by their host Bruiser (who is off in the kitchen, natch).

    10. Henry decided it was better to sleep it off after having a few too many of your delicious cocktails than to act all belligerent.

    11. Frank is asking if you need any help getting that cake out of the oven, because he's very hungry for cake.

    12. Louie will gladly switch seats with you if you really want to sit on that side of the table.

    13. Zsu Zsu made sure not to take more food than she could eat, because she knows how you feel about being wasteful.

    14. Jessica knows that whining won't make the entrée come out any sooner.

    15. And this guest, who is definitely a dog waiting for dinner, and not at all a bunny or anything. 100% a dog. The most dog. Canine right here, for sure.

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