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23 Boops That Will Give You Faith In This Cold, Dark World For 2015

Where once there was Darkness, now there is Boop.

1. This beach boop between good friends.

2. This boop used to initiate the newest member of the Order of the Valiant Canine.

And provide him with all of the Rights and Privileges of Doghood that come along with that title.

3. This whisker-enhanced bunny boop.

4. The boops that seemed to bore this dog at first...until you see THAT TAIL WAG.

5. When this cat could see the boop coming, and was actually pretty into it.

6. The boop between bathtime buddies.

7. The boop that will, in all likelihood, lead to this cat's singleminded attempt to take down the entire human race.

8. When these two tried to recreate Michelangelo's famed The Creation of Adam.

9. When this cat tried to camouflage himself against the bedspread but was caught and booped anyway.

10. This boop from a loving mother to her baby.

11. This cat just making sure that his friend's nose is still there...three times in a row.

12. This boop from a pooch who is incredulous that the tiny creature at the other end of his nose is also a dog.


13. This tongue-retracting boop.

14. The sleepiest boop ever.

15. This almost-as-sleepy boop.

16. When this dog was unsure if he totally loved this boop or if he wanted to stop it.

17. When this cat was just way too overwhelmed by her ability to boop.

18. These boopin' buddies meeting up to get their boop fix.

19. The tail boop that this bulldog never saw coming.

20. The boop that almost woke this cat up, but he was like, "lol no way."

21. The boop that took all of this pup's stretching ability to achieve.

22. This boop and run.

23. And when the anticipation for this boop became almost too much, until at last the boop came and the world was made better.

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