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    47 Animal Images Guaranteed To Make You Smile

    Is there anything more uplifting than some cute animals? No? I didn't think so.

    1. This snug pug.

    2. These friends trying to catch the sunlight.

    3. This pup who is just SO excited to see her owner.

    4. This model strutting her stuff.

    5. This badass goat.

    6. This little girl playing the role of jockey with her big friend.

    7. These two dogs meeting for the first time.

    8. This totally normal angsty teenager.

    9. This vicious attack.

    10. This dog who somehow has a helicopter propeller attached to him?

    11. This copycat.

    12. These tens of ducks.

    13. This rapidly melting pup.

    14. This dog getting stood up.

    15. The president of the greatest club on Earth.

    16. This little lady enjoying a nice head scratch.

    17. This potato aficionado.

    18. This strategic packing.

    19. This cat realizing his huge mistake.

    20. These bedtime buddies.

    21. This aspiring botanist.

    22. This majestic creature of the sea.

    23. This cat on the ride of her life.

    24. This dog who CAN NOT handle the beach right now.

    25. This brand new car.

    26. This intimidating dinosaur.

    27. This pup who fell asleep in the wrong place.

    28. These ears (and maybe there's a dog there too?).

    29. This astute newshound.

    30. This "mashed potato."

    31. This fashionable lady.

    32. This stationmaster.

    33. This dog who will sit however he damn pleases.

    34. This dinnertime gathering.

    35. This sprinter.

    36. This pup enjoying a state of pure ecstasy.

    37. This roomba rider.

    38. This up-and-coming soccer superstar.

    39. This lady who enjoys a good bucket.

    40. These tiny couches holding even tinier puppies.

    41. This dog reaching out for some human connection.

    42. This disgruntled parent.

    43. These family portraits.

    44. This lil boy excited for his first day on the job.

    45. This very confident lady.

    46. These buns out on a joyride.

    47. And this picture that perfectly sums up your weekends.