$10,000 in Treasure Buried Somewhere in NYC! (Really!)

Someone (or a group of wiley pirate puppets ) has buried $10,000 in New York and is staging an elaborate video treasure map series to lead people to it. I don't care if it's a viral marketing ploy, it's awesome! Hint: it's not in Central Park.

Dmo • 7 years ago

Gulf Oil Spill to Threaten East Coast

This video (via The University of Southern Florida Marine Dept. ) is a representation of floaters placed into the Gulf oil spill over time. Currents will carry one part of the devastation north to Dolphin Island and the fragile Louisiana ecosystems, while the southerly-flowing Gulf current will push the rest down and around the tip of Florida over the coming months. More info at The Business Insider.

Dmo • 8 years ago