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"Star Trek: TNG" Stars Michael Dorn And Marina Sirtis Prove How Well They Know Each Other

Worf and Troi = BFFs?

Of all the friendships that blossomed amongst the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members, the most endearing is the one between Michael Dorn, who played the strong-and-silent Lt. Worf, and Marina Sirtis, who played the empathic and emotional Counselor Troi.

And that was readily apparent from the moment the actors visited BuzzFeed's Los Angeles office together recently and were asked about what brought them together (platonically, of course).

"He's the only one who can put up with me, really, for long periods of time," Marina said. "I'm a cow, so I don't know why anybody's my friend, especially this one."

Michael is quite certain of the strength of their 26-year friendship. "I've always been attracted to very strong women," he said. "I don't know why. I was just very attracted to our sort of chemistry. We're just crazy about each other." (Yes, technically, they have known each other for 27 years, but as Sirtis explained, the first season of the show, "We hated each other.")

In honor of the Blu-ray re-release of Star Trek: TNG Season 6 — which features some standout Worf and Troi episodes — Michael and Marina agreed to test the strength of their friendship and undergo BuzzFeed's Pop-Culture Relationship Quiz.

The rules: BuzzFeed asks a question about Michael, Michael writes down the real answer, and Marina writes down her best guess of the answer, and then vice versa. But this took some getting used to.

1. What does Michael get asked the most about Star Trek?

But they got the hang of it.

2. What question about Star Trek is Marina asked the most?

So why did Troi have so many costumes?

3. If Marina could go anywhere on the holodeck, where would she go?

4. If Michael could go anywhere on the holodeck, where would it be?

5. What is Michael's dream role?

Michael's answer: Othello.

Marina's guess: Othello.

They even pronounced it the same unusual way: "Otello," with the "h" silent.

6. That went so well, surely Michael knows what Marina's dream role is.

7. What is Marina's favorite Worf moment on Star Trek: The Next Generation?

8. So what is Michael's favorite Troi moment?

Michael's answer: "When she broke my arm."

Marina's guess: "My off camera in that ep" — which required a bit of explanation.

According to Marina, when she has to get emotional in a scene, she doesn't usually get emotional in rehearsal, so she doesn't "use it up."

9. If Worf was in an '80s hair-rock band, what would it be?

10. If Troi was the host of a talk show, who would be her biggest competition?

11. What is Marina's biggest guilty pleasure?

Again, Michael thought he knew the answer immediately.


12. Marina also found her (totally off) guess for Michael's guilty pleasure to be hysterical.

The final results: Michael with half a point, and Marina with 3.5 points.

May their friendship live long and prosper.

The Blu-ray edition of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 6 is now available.