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Listen To The Funniest Discussion About The Oscars Yet

Podcast stars Ronna and Beverly talk Sandra Bullock, Woody Allen, "Chewie Edge-jew-i-for," and why American Hustle may be overrated. BuzzFeed's Jace Lacob, Kate Aurthur, and Adam B. Vary — guests on the latest Ronna and Beverly installment — survive the experience.

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Ronna and Beverly are "fiftysomething Jewish mothers" from Boston who host a biweekly podcast. They are hilarious.

Courtesy of Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo

Recently, BuzzFeed staffers Jace Lacob, Kate Aurthur, and Adam B. Vary appeared on the show to talk about the Academy Awards. This is the result.

Adam promises never to mispronounce "quaaludes" again.

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