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Translation Services In New York - Which Is The Best?

New York has many translation services because the population is highly diversified. This is due to the large number of people that come to the city as tourists, for education, employment and even business among many other reasons. The city alone has a population that speaks more than 800 languages. This makes it difficult for the people to easily understand each other due to this diversification in the languages spoken.

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Translation services are mainly required when two parties cannot communicate due to a language barrier. This may be either translation of verbal messages or written messages. Translation can be done by using a computer or manually by using the services of a linguist. Linguists are people who have vast knowledge and understanding in many different languages. The choice of whether to use a computer or a linguist depends on the availability of either, the cost and the confidentiality of the information. It is advisable to seek the services of a translating firm to be able to save time. Other reasons why contracting a translation firm is beneficial is because they are able to provide accurate results. Use of software for translation may be erratic as compared to using the services of a native speaker to translate.

Why New York has so many translation services

New York is one of the major cities in the USA. Being a major city means that the city has very many public utility services like schools, offices and even markets. The city is nicknamed as the city that never sleeps. This is because there is always a buzz of activity in the city due to the many people who have come to the city for different reasons. New York has many translation services because the population is highly diversified. This is due to the large number of people that come to the city as tourists, for education, employment and even business among many other reasons. The city alone has a population that speaks more than 800 languages. This makes it difficult for the people to easily understand each other due to this diversification in the languages spoken. New York is, therefore, a city that has so many translation services to be able to bridge the communication between the people in the city. Some of the firms in the city have specialized with business-related translations for firms and others have specialized in translation for social interactions.

Important things to consider when seeking translation services

Translation, especially for business purposes and important social communications, is very important. It is therefore advisable to find a good translator to prevent mistakes and errors during translation which may lead to disasters either financially or socially. In New York, there are very many firms that offer translation services. There may be a challenge when you are trying to select a firm for translation services. Some of the important things to look out for when looking for translation services are listed below:

Find out whether the translators are native speakers of the language

Firms that offer translation services often tend to have native speakers of the languages. This is important to ensure that there are little or no mistakes during the translation. Linguists may be used to translate but this may be a source of errors. This is because there are words that may have more than one meaning and different pronunciation depending on the context used. This may give difficulties to a linguist to translate correctly. Native speakers, on the other hand, have a full grasp of the language and have the correct pronunciation of words. This makes them very efficient in translation.

The area the translator is specialized in

There are two main categories of translators, those who have specialized in translation for business and those that have specialized in translation for websites. The first category of translators is linguists who have specialized in fields like health, industry and legal translation. This means that they have a vast knowledge of the terms used in these industries. This kind of translators cannot be brought in to translate content on websites because they are not familiar with the terms used in writing content on websites. The second category of translators, on the other hand, have a vast grasp of the terms used in the websites for marketing, app creation, and online campaigns.

The credentials of the translators

The credentials will enable you to know how much skill the translators actually have so that you will be able to predict the quality of service they provide. Translators with credentials also help you to know that they are recognized legally and I case of any poor services, you can sue them in a court of law. The credentials held by a translating service provide will also enable you to know what their area of expertise is. You can also ask for the firm’s brochures of the translating services they have provided over the years. This way you will be able to know how qualified and competent they are to handle your translation work.

The cost at which they offer their services

It is important to find translation service providers that have reasonable rates. Firms that offer very cheap services will most probably offer poor quality services. This is not to be interpreted that the very expensive translation firms offer the best services. It is important to find out how much the firms charges and the discounts it provides before hiring them. Scouting the market for good deals may help you to find a firm that offers the best bargains and still offers good quality services.

Do proper background check on the firm

This will help you to know if the firm is discrete with the information you entrust them with to translate. If the firm has a history of leaking information, you will be able to know it before hiring them. A background check also helps you to be sure of the services offered by the firm. Customer reviews on the internet can be faked and it is therefore important to talk to the customers of the firm in person.

On The Dot Translations

This is one of the most popular translation forms in the New York. They offer very high-quality translation services to their customers. This is one of the reasons they have been contacted by the government, large businesses and even scientific research programs. It is a large firm and this makes them able to offer a large scope of their services to their customers.

Advantages of hiring the On The Dot Translations

This is a large and well-established form that has been contracted by big companies and even the government in the past for translation services. This means that the firm offers high-quality services to their clients and even confidentiality of the information they are entrusted with to translate.

The firm also uses technology and linguists that have a vast knowledge of the languages being translated. This ensures that the translation is always accurate and without any loopholes or hanging sentences and statements.

The staff at the firm are very qualified and offers personalized services to the clients. This helps the clients to feel valued and comfortable with contacting the firm for translation services.

These are some of the reasons the firm is very popular and contracted by most of the people in New York to do their translation projects. Confidentiality is one of the key reasons the firm is preferred by many people and trusted to do translation even for classified documents like those of the government.

The areas the firm has specialized in

The firm is specialized in a wide scope of services it offers to its clients. Here are some of the fields in which the firm has specialized.


This is one of the simplest but yet ignored tasks when writing documents and reports. Proofreading is the last step that should be done after writing documents to ensure that all the grammatical errors and punctuations are well placed. Most of the people do not like proofreading because it is very time consuming and quite boring. This may be made more difficult when there is a lot of workloads to be covered. The firm is able to do all the proofreading work for you so that you can be able to concentrate on other activities. Their proofreading services are very accurate to help you avoid embarrassment because of submitting work with errors. This is because proofreading is a process that involves many people and the chances of missing mistakes are greatly reduced as compared to doing all the proofreading on your own. The team of experts follows a few steps when proofreading the work. These steps include the following;

Proofreading and editing of the errors present.

Analysis of the writing tone and style used.

They offer recommendations on the complementary services that may be required.

Final reviewing and submission of the article.

2.Localization of the article

This can be translated as the act of making the article acceptable and appropriate. This involves the editing of words and phrases that may not be attractive to the audience the article is meant for. Making the article acceptable ensures that the information that was being passed is accepted. The use of appropriate terms for the target group also enhances the acceptance of the information. If the target audience is a local community, then the message should be edited to be acceptable and easily understood by them. If the information, on the other hand, is meant for a business-oriented population, the message should be relevant and use of business-related terminologies help to enhance the acceptance of the information being put across. This also involves a series of steps that include the following;

# General analysis of the article and establishing a plan.

# Assessing if the content requires localization and to what extent.

# Finding the terminologies that may need to be included in the article.

# Translating the article into the required language.

# Editing and localization of the article.

# Delivery of the article.


This is the major service handled by the firm. The firm provides translation services for many other companies. This helps the firms to be able to translate manuals and guides that have been written in foreign languages. In addition to offering translation services to manufacturing companies, On The Dot Translations also offers translation services to courts and other legal firms. The main areas the company has specialized in this sector include the following;

* Translation of manuals and guides to be used by other firms.

* Translation of patents and agreements. This enables the firms to fully understand the terms of the agreements and make informed decisions.

* Compliance and regulation reports. This is mainly for companies that are based on foreign lands and they are not conversant with the language used for communication in the area.

* Articles for engineering and manufacturing. This includes translating the instructions on the pamphlets into several languages especially for toxic or delicate substances that will be distributed to different parts of the world.

* Articles that give descriptions of products and marketing of the products. Marketing of products into a different country may be difficult due to the language barrier. The firm, therefore, helps in the translation of the details for the products and writing marketing leaflets for the products.


New York is one of the most diversified cities in the world, having over 800 languages spoken in the city alone. This is due to the immigration of many people in the city for education, employment, exploration and business purposes. This is the reason why there are so many translating firms in the city. On The Dot Translations is one of the leading firms in the translation industry in New York. The firm offers good quality services in translation and has been contacted by many companies to do translation work for them. The firm has qualified personnel and the translation work is done by teams to ensure that it is accurate and without any mistakes. In addition to translation services, the firm is also in the provision of proofreading and localization of articles. This ensures that they save you time that would have otherwise been consumed doing localization and proofreading of articles. The company is preferred by many people because the staff are professional and provide work that is accurately translated. The firm also offers confidentiality of the content submitted or either translation, proofreading or localization.

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