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11 Sex Toys That Will Ignite The Intimacy Like Whoa

There's nothing hotter than being closer than close while you're getting closer than close. Find your perfect toy for passionate play at Adam & Click the links below for special discounts!

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1. Scarlet Couture Glass Duo Balls

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Focus on her pleasure with these Ben Wa–style balls that work the Kegel muscles while providing mesmerizing stimulation with the gentle vibrations from within, perfect for getting her heated during foreplay, or "sex play," as Dr. Kat calls it.

2. Feathered Nipple Clamps and a Prick Spiked Pinwheel

Experiencing and giving new, teasing sensations is an insatiable aspect of foreplay. "Unfortunately, beyond penetration, many couples don't take the time to explore other erogenous zones of the body. Anticipation can be everything when it comes to arousal," says Dr. Kat.

3. Oral Sex Essentials Kit

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When it comes to truly inimate oral sex, the key is to relax with your partner. Dr. Kat says, "Oral sex is very intimate for most people and perhaps that's why so many have hangups about it. Sometimes it's good to take off the performance pressure of oral sex and just have fun with it instead."

4. Adam and Eve Couple's Enhancer Ring

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"Orgasming together can create a sense of intensity and intimacy that some couples may not ever have experienced together," says Dr. Kat. "Vibrating penis rings can make sure she gets the clitoral stimulation she needs regardless of the position. Plus many men find the sensation of wearing a ring very pleasurable."

5. Scandal Over-the-door Cross

"A person's fantasies are a window into their most private thoughts," says Dr. Kat. "Sharing your fantasies can be the opportunity to develop emotional intimacy and trust with your partner. It can also be the opportunity to bring certain fantasies to life or keep them just for arousal fodder between the two of you."

Dr. Kat says: "Masturbating in front of one another is not only highly arousing but educational as you get to learn what works to get your partner off." Celebrate that awesome slice of truth with these toys for him and her and share that solo time.

7. A&E Scarlet Submission Kit

Adam & Eve, Scarlet Couture / Via

"Power and control play can create whole-new ways to be erotically intimate with one another in a way that enhances trust and communication that can carry over into the rest of your relationship," says Dr. Kat.

"Anal play is ranked as one of the top fantasies of heterosexual couples," Dr. Kat says. "In fact, it's suggested that before a couple dives into anal sex that some preparatory anal play can make it more relaxing and enjoyable for both partners. Some women have found that they are able to have anal orgasms, while men get the benefit of prostate orgasms, which are actually good for their health."

9. 3-In-1 Suntouched Massage Candle


"Physical touch, as through massage, is very important for the release of the hormone oxytocin, which helps us feel bonded to our partners," says Dr. Kat. This candle not only sets the ambience, but has wax that melts to create a luscious massage oil and moisturizer.

10. Frisky Feather Duster and the A&E Hollow Strap On

According to Dr. Kat, "The ability to be vulnerable with your partner is what builds intimacy. This means letting down your guard and exposing parts of yourself that you haven't before. Role-playing can be the perfect opportunity for couples to try on roles and behaviors that they haven't previously."

11. Sex Therapy Kit

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Dr. Kat says: "Games that help you explore and communicate about sex can help you enhance your relationship as a whole." The Sex Therapy Kit has everything ranging from romantic to kinky, helping you two have fun with a capital F.

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