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    From Iconic To Atrocious, I Ranked All Of The Main Muppets Once And For All


    The Muppets Christmas Carol turns 30 years old today! It's arguably one of the best Christmas films ever... Honestly, it's not Christmas without it, in my opinion.

    In honour of this important occasion, I've taken the time to rank some of our favourite characters. There are so many Muppets, so I've limited it to the more obvious ones. Here's goes nothing...

    13. Rizzo The Rat

    12. Sam The Eagle

    11. Pepe The King Prawn

    10. Rowlf The Dog

    9. Scooter

    8. Janice

    7. Gonzo

    6. Fozzie Bear

    5. Statler and Waldorf

    4. Beaker

    3. Kermit The Frog

    2. Animal

    1. Miss Piggy

    I know I've missed someone you adore, so let me know who else should've been added to the list in the comments!