28 Tweets That Might Make You Laugh While HBO Axes Our Favourite Shows

    If we don't laugh, we'll cry.

    Yesterday, Warner Bros. Discovery casually announced that it will be merging HBO Max and Discovery+ into one streaming service. The merger has already resulted in the cancellations of some unreleased shows, which is...not great news.

    A person on stage in front of the HBO Max logo on a large screen

    The shocking news that the long-awaited show Batgirl was cancelled came first, which fuelled cancellation rumours for fan-favourite shows like The Sex Lives Of College Girls and Hacks. We don't know what will happen yet, so join me to laugh through the tears as HBO potentially cancels the only shows getting me through these unprecedented times.


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    We are living in a society where Morbius was in theaters not once, but TWICE, and Batgirl can’t even get an HBO Max debut.

    Twitter: @RawbertBeef


    "No one can ruin a streaming service as quickly as Netflix" HBO Max cancelling at least two complete films with a combined budget of $130m:

    Twitter: @ThatBmanGuy


    "Lemon, during my brief stint as CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery I canceled two movies: Batgirl and Scoob: Holiday Haunt." "Wow, the scripts must have been terrible" "No, the finished films were actually quite good." "They were finished!?!" "Lemon, have you ever heard of... taxes?"

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    hbo max having an everything must go sale

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    me leaving the hbo max hq with the harley quinn show drive up my ass

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    prepared to go to war if HBO Max tries to cancel Hacks, The White Lotus, The Other Two, or Sex Lives of College Girls

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    BREAKING: HBO Max is merging with Waystar Royco

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    me walking out of hbo max with the script for euphoria’s next season so i can destroy it

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    me trying to binge watch all the good shit on hbo max before its gone

    Twitter: @paulswhtn


    Disney+ and Hulu seeing Netflix and HBO Max sabotage their own services

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    hbo max actors refreshing filmupdates to see if they still got a job

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    me at hbo max headquarters tomorrow

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    Netflix: surely our recent business practices have made us the worst streaming service, right? HBO Max:

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    HBO Max: *Cancelling several productions including ones that are nearly or completely finished* Me:

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    All I know is that Harley Quinn needs to stay seated. Do you hear me, HBO Max? You better not lay a hand on her.

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    Netflix and HBO Max congratulating each other for ruining their services

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    hbo max will personally have to pay me for emotional distress if they drop the degrassi reboot

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    discovery cancelling every hbo max original in sight

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    Me watching an HBO Max Original but then a Discover exec deletes it

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    Me as soon as they cancel the #HBOMax streaming platform:

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    R.I.P to HBOMax, you were a real one #HBOMax #WarnerBrosDiscovery

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    The January 6 Insurrection but it’s gays storming the HBO Max offices to get them to renew Hacks

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    I only have five HBO shows in my hand, the shows that I do not call must IMMEDIATELY pack your things, and go. home. So who stays in this competition?

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    me as a woman trying to watch a scripted show on hbo max

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    Discovery Plus this, HBO Max that... how about you all HBO Go to the polls?

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    Which show are you scared might get cancelled?