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15 Ways To Have An Epic Road Trip Without Going Broke

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3. Bring a stocked cooler for snack attacks...

A growling stomach could lead to a steep munchie splurge. Pack enough snacks for in between meals ahead of time so all you have to shell out for along the way is ice.

4. ...and gallon jugs for water refills.

Plenty of places you stop will have water fountains for your use. Buying bottled H20 constantly is a great way to say goodbye to your cash supply REAL fast.

7. And rock out to your own road trip soundtrack.

Courtesy of Jana Pollack

Whether you go with old-school CDs or work that Bluetooth, get your jam on for free -- and every time you hear those songs later in life, you'll be reminded of your adventure! Oh, and being in the car eliminates all tone deafness, obviously.

9. Crash with friends and family along the way.


See if you can stay on a free couch rather than a wallet-draining hotel bed. As long as you're respectful (ahem, personal space...), a lot of people love playing host!

10. Or sleep under the stars.

anmin (CC BY-ND http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 129186524@N04

Even if camping's not usually your lodging method of choice, your wallet will thank you. Who knows, you may even discover you have a little tree hugger in you after all. ;)

11. Stay on top of traffic conditions.


Getting stuck in traffic isn't just a bummer for your mood, it's a bummer for your gas tank. Use apps like Waze and Inrix to see if there's traffic ahead -- and take the scenic route instead.

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