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11 Memes That Describe All Of Us During The Holidays

Oh, the holidays — there’s the good, the bad, and the downright hilarious! Experience the holiday spirit and watch your life change around you with ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses. The Lens That Changes Everything™

1. With the cold weather comes this beautiful moment:


Bye PSL, helloooo peppermint goodness! ❄️ 😊

2. How you envision your winter outfit:

1 Thinkstock, 2 BJI/Lane Oatey / Via Getty Images

You *think* you're going to be a femme fatale sporting layers and layers of gorgeous knitted stuff, buuut ain't nobody got time for that. PAJAMA SWAG 4 LIFE.

3. This undeniable truth:

4. When the fam is together, and you're stuck listening to that weird uncle for hours:


5. When this happens:


😞 😞 😞

6. When you think you'll be ballin' but then it's like "no actually not at all":

Thinkstock, 3

7. Oh, let's not forget how it is to listen to holiday songs:

Thinkstock, 2

8. How you deal with hanging out with relatives for 17 hours straight:



9. And losing all sense of time and space when you're not in school...


It's pretty immediate, actually.

10. ...which could lead to this untimely realization:


Whoopsie daisies *stays up for 83 hours straight*

11. The holidays, in a nutshell:

Thinkstock, 6

You actually...enjoy them. ❤️

The holidays are a magical time, 'cause being in pajamas 24/7 and spending QT with loved ones is nothing short of special. Watch out for a wonderfully interesting break with ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses. The Lens That Changes Everything™